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Last updated: 16 July 2017    9:55 PM

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What you can do

So what can you do?

There are four different challenges. You may already be excellent at keeping your food waste to a minimum or using local fruit and vegetables – perhaps you grow most of your own – so there are a range of ideas here. Choose the one that is most sensible for you but we hope you'll take part and tell us about it!

Eating out – leftover challenge

What you have to do: when you are ordering ask if you can have a doggy bag for any leftovers. If there are leftovers take them home and enjoy!

If you want to, suggest the restaurant look up www.thesra.org and consider joining them.

Eat less meat

Take two weeks in June:

Week 1 – record how much meat you eat during the week.

Week 2 – try to reduce how much meat you eat by replacing at least two meat based meals with a vegetarian one.

Buy local produce

Week 1 - work out how much of your fruit and vegetables were grown within 20 miles of Chepstow.

2nd June – 9th June can you double the amount of local fruit and vegetables you buy?

Reduce Food Waste

Week 2 - record how many recycling food sacks you fill and any other food waste you throw out (including compost).

2nd June – 9th June can you halve your waste this week?

What we'd like to know:

How did you find the challenge? What was easy and what was hard? Did anything surprise you? Would you consider doing this all the time and what tips do you have for people who want to take up the challenge?