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Last updated: 16 July 2017    9:55 PM

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The challenge

The challenge has been to achieve recognition and we have been asked to think about how we as a congregation include creation care in our worship, how we involve more people within our church community in taking action and how we can work with local organisations effectively. We have also been asked to develop a plan of action and to set targets and monitor how successful we are.

Some interested members of the congregation met in September to start thinking about our plans and targets and all found the award feedback a great stimulus to help us focus on what we can do and the difference we are making. Our plan looks likely to focus on action in three areas:

climate change


nitrogen and phosphorus input into the environment

As discussed below these are the three areas of greatest need.

The award is a tool to help us address the real problem. Our wet summers, and the link to climate change, are helping us to appreciate that there is an issue. And whilst we'd like to see the sun again, to have more predictability about our seasons, at least in most rich countries, we see the main issue as our weather; in other parts of the world the equation is more basic. Food insecurity, homelessness and conflict are consequences of an unstable climate system.

As you will see, there are real opportunities to use the need for change now to create a world that better reflects the Kingdom of God, but there is an environmental crisis which will threaten all of creation if we don't respond to it.