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Last updated: 26 October 2018    9:25 AM

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Secondary School

Hope in Christ – Young People at Secondary School

These are the names of the young people sponsored to go to school for the 2018 school year, January to December

Justine, Mildred, Joyce, Enara, Enedy, Natasha, Mercy, Ireen, Sandra, Bibiana, Patricia & Charity, John, Vincent, Moses, Charles & Thomas.

In June 2018 Michael & Mary were also funded bringing the total to 19 for this school year.

Please keep them in your prayers and the ongoing funding for secondary school; especially pray that God would guide their future lives, protect and bless them.

Secondary School education in Zambia is over a 5 year period; it’s not free but fee based, costing around £200 or US$260 to educate each child for one year, including uniforms & resources needed by the young people.

You can donate direct from anywhere in the world through this link to:


If you want to become a “prayer partner” receiving prayer requests & updates from time to time please contact Vera & Brian Lloyd

Older students going on to higher education thanks to donations to pay for that opportunity Pastor Paul handing out stationery to the students moving on to further education High hopes with these young students! All ages at the school, all ages provided with an education. Joh and Vera talking to some of the older students. Some of the young students