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Last updated: 26 October 2018    9:03 AM

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School and Orphanage

The vision for the Hope in Christ Orphanage & School dates back to 2008 when Paul & Mary Swala first opened it to reach out to local children & the children of prisoners who had been orphaned. Amazingly the walls of one of the original classrooms back in 2008 was constructed partly using large cardboard packing cases that Paul got from the Samaritans Purse depot in Lusaka; these had been used to ship the Christmas Shoe Boxes to Zambia;

The school is currently educating 156 children, in 5 classes up to Grade 7 standard after which children would move on to secondary school if they can be funded. Up to 30 orphaned children can be housed on site at Hope in Christ; the others live with family members or foster parents in the adjacent  “Chipata Shanty Compound, where up to 45,000 people live in challenging conditions.

In Zambia primary education is generally free, but secondary schooling is fee based. The Hope in Christ school is Government approved, inspected & licensed but receives no government or local authority funding; so all costs need to be met in faith by donation and gifts. However thanks to generous provision we give thanks to God along with Paul & Mary that at the education can be provided free of charge together with a daily meal for the children.

Since 2015 when the team from the UK visited Zambia  a “partnership across the miles” developed with the Hope in Christ ministry, which partners our home Church in Chepstow, the Christian Service Centre Church in Arizona & other friends in the USA & UK who fore-mostly have committed to pray regularly. “Partners Across the Miles” fund on a regular basis 3 of the 5 teachers salaries and provide lunch for all the children twice a week & daily meals for the children living on site at the orphanage; we are praying that we will be able to fund all 5 teachers & provide lunch for all the children every school day.

The motto of Hope in Christ Orphanage / School which you see painted on the wall when you enter the site is “The distance between success and failure is action”. The ongoing primary challenges for the ministry are providing a daily meal for the children, maintaining a good standard of education by continuing to employ trained teachers and having sufficient resources.

Please visit our Funding Projects page if you would like to help.

Class 1 welcoming the team The original school being built with cardboard boxes from Samaritans Purse Plan of the school with Pastor Paul Classroom wall making learning fun! Lessons are also fun Lunch time! And on a table. not the floor! The children with Vera - happy faces everywhere! The new school toilets - much needed! Meeting resident orphans after delivering new beds to them - no more sleeping on the floor. Giving dental supplies to the children Giving out goodies to the children Meeting a teacher Visiting a class - no shortage of pupil participation here! Everyone is keen to learn.