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Last updated: 29 March 2018    11:11 PM

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Funding projects

“Partners Across the Miles” fundraising in the main is for the orphanage/school & clinic at Hope in Christ in Lusaka.

Other ongoing projects requiring funding:

 Additional food for the orphans and school children 

 Wages for the other 2 Teachers at the school

 Further equipping the clinic

 Medical supplies for the Clinic

 Classroom 6 with accommodation above - foundations down, blocks and roofing, flooring plus desks, beds and bedding

 Roofing for the church being built at Mwembeshi Open Prison

Regular three monthly gifts are being sent to Hope in Christ Orphanage kindly donated by individuals to help provide a daily meal for the children and to maintain a good standard of education by employing trained teachers.

It’s been brilliant to see some of the young people as trainee nurses & graduates from Bible school mentored by Hope in Christ growing up to have opportunities and being encouraged that there is a future.

In November 2017 the funding provided by Rev Andrew’s Swim - Run - Shop event has enabled the purchase of land adjacent to the Orphanage. Further funding is needed to:

 build more accommodation blocks & class rooms

Since November 2015 Regular Funds (3 monthly) are being provided for:

 Wages for 3 of the 5 teachers at the orphanage school

 Daily meal for the children at the orphanage school

Since July 2015 funds have been provided for these projects: 

 Flooring in Classroom 5 (polished concrete)

 Roofing for the teacher’s accommodation block

 Football & other sports kit for the children

 A newer vehicle for Paul to continue his prison ministry

 Water & electricity supply for the Clinic

 Final Government Licence for the Clinic

 Basic equipment for the Clinic

 Supporting Suzen Chimuka’s 3 boys when she was in prison with food & rent to give them a roof over their heads.

 Helping Suzen Chimuka starting a small home industry to make rugs after she was released from prison so that she can support her family.

 Helping David an orphan to finish secondary school

 Providing new bedding for children at the orphanage

 Roofing sheets/beds & bedding for the Hope in Christ student hostel near Mosa College for young people on courses at the college.