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Chepstow Methodist Church is a registered charity in the UK (No: 1130776)

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Last updated: 16 July 2017    9:55 PM

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Prayer points

Read - Matthew 25: 31-46 & 28:16 -20

Hope in Christ Orphanage / School

Paul & Mary in daily running of the school

ongoing ministry & education at the school with up to 180 children in 5 classes with 32 housed on site.

Thanks & continues funding for 3 teacher’s salaries.

Provision for the other 2 teachers salaries.

Thanks & continued provision of a daily meal for the children.

provision of equipment & medicines for the clinic

provision of funds for final Government licence

Zambia will have fewer street children who so often end up in prison because they are hungry and steal food.

Guidance for the Graduates from the Bible School at Hope In Christ – 1 Peter 3:15

Zambian Prisons

Pastor Paul & Pastor Green’s Prison Ministry including Alpha ministry in the prisons and their families.

Pastor Kwacha’s prison & school ministry and his family

Ministry of Chaplain General and the Regional & Local Prison Chaplains

Commissioner General of Prisons, Mr Percy Chato and staff in all 58 prisons led by him.

Improvement in prison conditions.

Prisoners comprising men, women & juveniles; specific prisoners known to the team Steve, Oscar, Orice, Sekelani & Suzen

Provision for Suzen’s three boys with food and a home.

Other Points

Alpha Zambia office –David Thompson Chairman & Tom Miles Alpha Africa as they seek a new Director for Alpha Zambia.

Better healthcare to combat AIDS & TB

Fair Price for Zambian Copper on worlds markets

More rain this year for higher yield of crops and a higher level of water in the Kariba Dam to produce more hydro-electric power and so less power cuts for Zambia