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Last updated: 16 July 2017    9:55 PM

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Global Awareness

YouTube link to the talk by Dr Rowan Williams:


"In this video Dr Rowan Williams considers why responding to climate change is a matter of faith. He discusses the theological basis as to why Christians need to respond in order to be living in right relationship with God and our neighbours as well as the hope and faith that can offer to others. It is a highly inspiring, knowledgeable and straightforward explanation of why climate change is a matter of faith.

This keynote address opened a Global Aware conference in Bristol in January 2015 which looked at how climate change theologically, heard people testify to the impacts of climate change in different countries and looked at what we can do individually, practically and collectively politically. There were many organisations present showing what they are doing and how we can get involved.

The Open Spaces Powerpoint gives some brief details and local contacts - do have a look and maybe you will find something that speaks to you."

Open Spaces