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Last updated: 13 December 2015    9:30 PM

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Have you heard of a Posada? This is a Mexican tradition where, leading up to Christmas, people dressed as characters from the Nativity story visit homes re-enacting the Nativity and sharing the story.

A modern version has been devised by the Church Army, where a Nativity set (instead of people), is sent around homes in parish communities. As each home hosts the set they share a prayer and a story with one another before passing on the set on to the next host. And so, this year, Chepstow Methodist Church is sending out it’s own Messy Nativity set.

What a wonderful opportunity to help families and individuals practically engage with the Nativity story! And we have devised the journey so that the congregation from Messy Church will meet with those from our Sunday congregations. The Nativity set of figures in itself is a magnificent resource but to know that it is on a journey and that each household plays a significant part in its journey adds to the anticipation during the season of Advent, as we look forward to the excitement and celebration of Jesus’ birthday.

Posada - Christmas 2015