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Chepstow Methodist Church is a registered charity in the UK (No: 1130776)

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Last updated: 01 March 2018    6:48 PM

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Pastoral Care

What does pastoral care mean?

A healthy Christian community is one in which people know that they are loved, visitors are welcome and young and old alike are valued and feel safe. The care that we offer, both at times of crisis and in everyday life is an active proclamation of God's love in Christ and for all the world.    

(Extract from The Methodist Church in Britain website)

Pastoral visitors cover the whole church family, whether they be members or adherents (a non member but one who worships on a regular basis), delivering the church magazine and keeping a watchful eye!! This also involves visiting the sick, the bereaved and welcoming new born babies. In recent years we have developed a team who take Holy Communion to those who are no longer able to come and worship with us.

Listening, supporting, encouraging and befriending…….

Contact Kathy Griffin for more information.

The Methodist Church takes very seriously the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, ensuring that all those who are involved in pastoral work have undergone training and CRB checks.