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Last updated: 22 September 2017    9:20 PM

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Chepstow Foodbank - update..… January 2017

Donations of food in December were amazing, and 213 people benefited from this generosity. Our distribution centres at The Bridge Church and Baptist Church are at full capacity foodwise, but there is still plenty of need for toiletries, please. If you would like to find out more about the work of the Foodbank, speak to me, visit the website at www.chepstow.foodbank.org.uk or contact Sarah Coleman (Chepstow Foodbank Project Manager) on 07931 911869.

Chepstow Foodbank - items currently required include toilet rolls, washing powder and washing up liquid. Food-wise, we really need tinned meats (corned beef, ham), along with tinned tomatoes, tinned vegetables, coffee and fruit juice. Many thanks for your ongoing support. Hilary Collins

Contact  Sarah Coleman via one of the following: 07931 911869 or chepstowfoodbank@gmail.com  

Check the website for the latest newsletter and what is currently needed:  www.chepstow.foodbank.org.uk

Shoeboxes - I know we’re not even halfway through this year yet, but we have been thinking about our support of putting together Shoeboxes at Christmas. For a number of reasons we are looking to support a different organisation this year, and have chosen ’Link to Hope’ whose aim is to combat poverty and give humanitarian aid to the poorest and most vulnerable in Eastern Europe - Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine. The main difference is that now we will asking people to fill shoeboxes for a Family - not just a child - and for the Elderly. More information will be provided over the coming months but, if you would like to find out more information in the meantime, visit their website at www.linktohope.co.uk/shoebox-appeal-2017. Also watch the short video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJBVoxv-d-A&feature=youtu.be which shows where the shoeboxes are delivered and the impact they have. If you have any questions, please ask. Looking forward to your support again this year. Hilary & Russell Collins

Food Co-Op - Friday mornings, 10.30 - 11.30 am. £3 for 5 items or more of good quality vegetables, fruit, salad or stir-fry, all sourced where possible within 50 miles, with less packaging. For more information contact Pauline 01291 625896 or Paul 07976926591

Fair Trade Fundraising

GIVE A CAR  If you have an old car that you no longer need, why not put it to good use?  Giveacar will collect if from you and either sell it at auction or scrap it, then give the proceeds to Traidcraft Exchange.  You'll be helping some of the world's poorest families escape poverty forever.  To find out more, call Giveacar on 0207 736 4242  or  www.giveacar.co.uk
Old Jewellery - I am starting another box of old jewellery if you have anything broken or out of date that you no longer want, do give it to me and I will send it off.  I have already sent 5 packages.  Many thanks Cynthia Giles.

If you would like to read a Bible passage in a Sunday morning service, please let Ces Jones know and whether it will be at a 9.00 or 10.30 service. Email at ces@chepstowmethodist.org.uk    Thank you.


Diary Dates

"Prayer for Alpha: THIS WEEK ONLY NO MEETING so as to give everyone the opportunity to attend the “Welcome / Licencing Service” for the new Vicar of Chepstow, St Mary’s Priory Church, Monday 25th September @ 7.00 pm, do come along to support our sisters & brothers in Christ in the Parish of Chepstow

Tuesday 26th September - 7.30pm - Wesley Guild - the speaker is Maz Hawes who will tell of her world travels with photographs. For further information or details about the Guild please talk to one of the Secretaries - Barry Catlin, Sheena Houghton, Stuart Nuttall, Tony Watkinson.

Wednesday 27th September - 2.45pm - Women’s Fellowship - Harvest Festival with Rev Keith Town. Our gifts will be given to Hill House for the teenagers who live in care there. Any harvest goods will be most welcome especially any treats you wish to include for the young people. Do join us if you are free that afternoon, particularly if you missed our Church Harvest Festival. We will be in the church for the service which will be followed by tea and biscuits.

Thursday 28th September - 9.30am - Bible Study in the Youth Room. Mark chapter 15. All welcome.

Thursday 28th September - 7.30pm - Church Council. All welcome.

Sunday 22nd October - 5.00pm - Songs of Praise - we are hoping to arrange your “Songs of Praise” with your favourites Hymns and your help is required. If you or your loved ones have or had a favourite hymn from either the present hymn book (STF or Mission Praise), or if your favourite is not in the Hymn books, we shall try and find it. Please state why the choice or, if you prefer, your reason could be announced before the singing of the hymn. When you have chosen, please e-mail me jones.meurig@talktalk.net /phone 01291 624254. or Cliff cliff@paramedic.eclipse.co.uk /phone 01291 626512