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Chepstow Methodist Church is a registered charity in the UK (No: 1130776)

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Last updated: 01 March 2018    6:48 PM

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Fixtures & Fittings

It has been said many times – and rightly so – that the Church is about people not a building. Yet it is also true that for Chepstow Methodists our premises are a tremendous tool for mission, in particular as we serve the local community in many ways. Our building also aims to be a house of prayer that helps people deepen their awareness of God in worship as well as a place where we can conduct special ceremonies such as weddings and funerals in a dignified setting. Our calling is to be ‘a community centre with a worshipping heart’ and the building is a key part of that call.

In order to maintain our premises at the desired standard – and to maximise their potential we do have to invest from time to time. At the latest church council two proposals were given the go ahead. The chairs in the worship area (sanctuary) are in need of replacement. However the cost of new chairs would be over £70 each which is beyond our means. The alternative proposed is to use a local craftsman to reupholster at a cost of £30 per chair.

Secondly there was enthusiasm to have glass on the main door into the church – this would mean people will be able to see straight into the sanctuary and just as importantly we can see out to the world! (We will also be able to close the doors during services helping with the heating!). Previously glass doors would have cost around £15,000 – too much to justify. However recent developments in materials and technology mean we can do it for £2,000 subject to listed building clearance.

At the moment the church does not have any money to spare and we are reluctant to have public fund raising events for our own premises – we much prefer to raise money for worthy causes. This means we look to our own resources to meet the cost and at the same time not reduce what we already give to meet our assessment and general costs. The good news is that the gift day and the Pam Sloman Trust have combined to raise a considerable sum already and there have been generous offers of support from individuals. This has given us confidence that we will be able to achieve our aims without affecting the routine giving of our membership.

You might like to make a one-off donation to the plans outlined above (perhaps giving towards a chair in memory of someone – though we can’t put actual names on them). Any contributions can be made to the Keith Harvey (our Site Manager), Sue Chimes (our Treasurer) or to me the Minister…..

and if you gift aid the donation we get another 25%!

Rev Andrew Webster

Extract from the Envoy Magazine Spring 2013