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Chepstow Methodist Church


Chepstow Methodist Church is a registered charity in the UK (No: 1130776)

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Last updated: 01 March 2018    6:47 PM

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Church Life

As a church we do many things which are specific to our beliefs and also to keeping the church functioning for the benefit of all.

For example the premises have to be clean, we like flowers in the church, we have rotas for coffee duty after services and for welcoming people into the services.

We have a magazine which we print and circulate and will be making available electronically via this website as part of our commitment to being an eco-congregation and cutting down the amount of paper we use.

Supporting charities both at home and overseas is important to us. In Kenya we continue to support a community via the Triangle Project. What has been achieved is astonishing and we encourage you to visit the pages to see for yourself.

If you are interested in history, we have a comprehensive section charting the changes over the years.